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Manufacturing of : FRP/Wooden, Cooling Towers, FRP Fan Blade, FRVE, FRB,Eppoxy, PP, HDPE, PPR, UPVC, PVDF Anticorrosive Equipments, Lining & PPH, PPH, PPCH, PPRC, PPRC, PPGL, PP, Pipe Line, ETP, STP, Sugar, Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Industries for Handling high Corrosion, Chemical Industries & Marine Boat, Coating & PP Lining & Marine FRP Boat Repairing and all Type of Plastic Fabrication, Welding, Erection etc.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Agitators with plastic

  • The lining of Agitators with plastic, column, Reactors, Vessels with all types of Plastic in field of FRVE, GRE, FRB, PVDF, PPGL, HDPE and CPVC etc. as per requirement.

HDPE Pipeline

  •  Rain Harvesting HDPE  Pipeline for Reliance Industries LTD.

Sea Underground

  • Sea Underground Water line                                        


Mr. R.S. Rajvanshi
(CEO & Founder)

Respected Sir, We take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as an upcoming organization of Professional in the field of manufacturer and supply of Chemocold plast product, Such as High Tech Anti Corrosion lining of chemical equipment’s like vessels, Tank, Scrubber, reactors in M.S.,FRVE, EPOXY Formulations Specialty Coatings. 1. Lining of Agitators with plastic, column, Reactors, Vessels with all types of Plastic in field of PVDF, PPGL, HDPE and CPVC etc. as per requirement. 2. Fabrication & Erection of internals HDPE, PP, PVC, PVDF,PPH,PPR PPCH , UPVC , FRVE , FRB , LINE etc. 3. Manufactures of Centralized & Process FRP & Wooden Cooling Tower and other types of cooling tower spare parts, FRP blades supply and servicing. 4. Concrete protection lining with PVDF, PP,HDPE, FRV/FRB/FRE & Epoxy of concrete waste pits, drainage system and effluent treatment Plants, ducts, Scrubber, Blower, Impeller, etc. 5. Fabrication and supply of pipes, Fitting ,Values, Tanks, Vessels Ducting, Scrubber, in PVDF, PP,HDPE, CVPC, FRP & PVC flexible lining etc. Actuated values (Pneumatic and Electric) in PVDF, PP,PPH,PPR,HDPE,ETC. Lining of water reservoir for municipal and industrial use with High grade HDPE, PPH,PPR,UPVC,CPVC, pipe line. Double compartment pipe in different combination (PVDF, HDPE, PP, MS, FRP) for safety driven application. Filter Cartridge in PVDF, PP, PPGL.FRVE.FRBE.EPOXY. M.S. Glass Flake Coated and all types of Chemical resistance FRP Application. Supply of all types pharmaceutical packing machine transparent guards, Acrylic and Polycarbonate and Corrugated Sheet etc. CETP. Drainers, And Rain Harvesting Line in HDPE. We are receiving spontaneous support from valued client. Not only for efficient, economic design and quality but also to assure you of our prompt service at all time. We hope on perusal of above you will get clear picture about our products and services. Looking forward of your positive response. Thanking you and assuring you of our best service at all time. Yours faithfully, For G.R.P. Chemocold Plast Product R.D.Rajvanshi – 09819433138 / 08976179233.

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